2020    Solo exhibition, MyMicroGallery, Milan, International Curatorial Project, 15/9 – 13/10

2020    Invited: Group Exhibition, Venice, International Curatorial Project, 18/11-1/12

2020    Invited: Book: ’TOP 10 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS’, published in London


10 Contemporary Artists volume at Amazon:

2020   Invited: The Guggenheim Museum issue of World of Art Magazine    

2020   Invited: ARTEBINARIA, ArtinsideGallery, June 2020, Art in Augmented reality, Florence

2020   Invited: ’Exellent Art 2020, gift book, will be published in Germany

2020   Invited: Art book ’Moonlight Sonatas Beethoven’ will be published in Germany

2020   Invited: Contemporary Art Station, ’Art Collector´s choice’

           published in Japan and London

2021    Invited : XIIIth Florence Biennale 2021