GRO FOLKAN – born 15.08. 1949






2022   Galleri Helviktangen, 06.06 – 08.8

2021-22 A pavillion, Artebinaria,Firenze, Augmented Reality, curated by Maddalena Grazzini

2021   Gallery Unlock,3D,Virutual Space, International Curatorial Project,kurated by S.Carrozzi

2020   MyMicroGallery, Milano, Italia2019 Gallery Artifact, New York

2017   Gallery Nord, Tromso, Norway

2017   Moss Art Gallery, Moss Norway

2014   Gallery Vanntårnet, Nesodden – by Oslo

2011    Gallery Brevik, Tromso

2010   Gallery Sult ,Stavanger

2010   Gallery Tonne ,Oslo

2008   Gallery Brevik,Tromso

2006   Gallery Brevik,Tromso

2001   Gallery Embla, Tromso

2001   Gallery Albin Upp, Oslo

1998   Tromso Museum

1993   Tromso Kunstforening,Tromso

1990   Hammerlunds Kunsthandel, Oslo

1987   Gallery Cassandra, Drøbak

1985   Tromso Kunstforening, Tromso

1984   Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo

1983   Tromso Kunstforening

1982   Gallery Tanum, Oslo

1979   Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

1977   Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

1977   Gallery 71, Tromso

1975   Bergen Kunstforening, Bergen

1973   Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

1971    Kunstnerforbundet, (Artists´ Association) Oslo

1967   Club 7, Oslo




Norwegian National Gallery

Norwegian State Gallery

Norwegian Culture Council

Central Bank of Norway

Oslo Public Schools Art Collection

Oslo City Art Collection

University of  Tromsoe

North Norway Art Museum

Norwegian Contemporary Art Museum

County of Troms

University hospital of North-Norway




1967- 69    Norwegian Central Art School,

                   painting and graphics

1969 – 73   Art Academy of Norway, painting and graphics




            ART OF PRESENCE
            Shaping the Future through Creativity

2023    Venice , NATURE SPEAKS TO US
            Stefania Carrozzini Gallery

2023    Paris , NATURE SPEAKS TO US 
            Espace Sylvia Rielle 10, Place des Voges
            Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

2023    Milano, ABBONDANZA/ ABUNDANCE, MyMicroGallery

2022    Contemporary Art Station, ‘Madrid  Station Exhibition’

            Curated by Stefania Carrozzini,                        Milano

2021     RESPIRO , Camden Gallery ,London
            Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

            Santa Eufemia Gallery in Venezia
            Curated by Stefania Carrozzini

2021    ’Summer virtual Art Fair’, Contemporary Art Station

2021    ’RESPIRO’ International Curatorial Project
            MyMicroGallery, Milano

2020    Santa Eufemia Gallery, RESPIRO,

            International Curatorial Project, Venice, Italy

2020    Artebinaria, ArtinsideGallery,

            Art in Augmented reality, Florence

2019    Artebinaria, Artinside Gallery,

           Art in Augmented reality, Florence

2016    Invited: Contemporary Paintings, Brick Lane, London

2014    Summer Expo, Gallery Vulkan, Oslo

2000    North Norwegian contemporary art,

            travelling exhibition

1996    Norwegian Pictures 96, Brandstrup, Oslo City Hall

1995    Norwegian Pictures 95, Brandstrup, Oslo City Hall

1990    Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsoe

1980    Fredrikstad Kunstforening

1977    Gallery F 15, Moss

1976    Female artists, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

1975    ”Norwegian today”, Hässelby castle,

             Stocholm, Sweden

1974    ”Norwegian Grafics today” Travelling exhibition,

             Germany two years

1972    Liljevalks Konsthall, Stockholm, Sweden

1969    UKS Spring Exhibition, participated 4 times since

1968    Nordic Exhibition, Hässelby castle,

             Stockholm, Sweden

1968    The June Exhibition,

            Kunstnerforbundet (Artists Association), Oslo

1967    Debutants from Norwegian State Exhibition,

            Oslo Kunstforening

1967    Debut Statens Høstutstilling

            (Norwegian State Autumn Exhibition)

            (Participated eight times since)



1976  First prize, school decoration, Oslo city




1977    ”Conditions of life” Rehabilition of Rodeløkka, in Oslo,

             exhibition Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

1975    ”Park 62” (artist group) Rehabilitation of

             Asker city center

1975    Scenography, Høvikodden ballet, Oslo

1975    ”Park 62” exhibition,

            ”Can Tøyen Public Baths become

            everyman´s garden of Eden?

            City of Oslo Information Center

           and the Munch museum




1998    Saga Petroleum, supply ship, Oslo

1989    Kroken nursing home, Tromsoe

1988    Porsangermoen, army camp, Lakselv, North Norway

1985    Telecom Building, Finnsnes

1985    Sparebank Nord, Tromsoe

1983    Grindbakken school, Oslo

1978    Rommen school, Oslo



1996    County of Troms, project support

1995    Project support, Oslo

1986    Lorch Shive´s working scholarship

1982    County of Troms, working scholarship

1975    State of Norway, 3 year working scholarship

1973    City of Bærum working scholarship

1969    General Consul Røwde´s memorial scholarship

1968   ”The three percent” working scholarship



2020   Invited: Book: ‘TOP 10 CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS’, published in London


2020  Invited: The Guggenheim Museum issue of World of Art Magazine

2019  Invited: ‘International Contemporary Masters XIII’.

          Sponsored artists, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A

2019  Invited: ‘Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine’

         issue’ -12

2019  Invited: CreativPaper issue 15

2019  Invited: CreativPaper issue 12, published in London

2018   Invited: ’36 ARTISTS TO FOLLOW’ – Collector’s Edition

         10 pages, published in London

2018   Invited “33 ART PROFESSIONALS”, 20 pages,

           published in London,

2017    Invited: “ARTIST-collector’s edition”,

            20 pages in Art Professional, Contemporary Artists,


2017    Invited: World Wide Art Books,

            Current Masters (volume 11)

             in the series: International Contemporary Masters,

             Current Masters (volume 2 and 11).

             World Wide Art Books, Santa Barbara,

             California, USA



2019 – 2020  (New York)



1986    Guest teacher, State Art and Craft School,

            Oslo, Norway

1976    National Autumn Exhibition, member of the jury,

           Oslo, Norway

1975    Culture Conucil Purchasing Committee,

           3 years, Norway



Our culture is to a marked degree defined in literary categories, words, numbers. Everything has a name. But that is not the reality. Reality is coherent, and also includes that which is between the categories, between the named objects. To explore that which is between – with my method- is my project.

Reality may be comprehended as a language addressing us. The elements of this language,”the words” are other than our everyday words, and include also what is between the words, between the categories, our categories. What is a tree ? The stem, of course, the branches, twigs and leaves, the roots- but what about the life-supporting fungi and microbes between the finest roothairs? What about the oxygen close to the leaves? What about the bird´s nest? What about the bird´s song early in the morning when the sun rises and the rays stroke the top of the tree? What about the shadow below?

Many of us remember the famous Haiku poem about the flower falling from a branch of a tree, and suddenly rising again, going upwards. Is it a butterfly? Pulled into the moment between the flower and the butterfly, we suddenly get access to a part of reality we did not know before.  Look at a landscape, or a field with straws. Consider the wealth of significance and content between the named categories.

I think of my pictures as gates, entrances to the language between. I have experienced that when I manage to be in these gates, a new state of mind arises, a new contact – because I also am nature. And then it can happen that a wild bird sits down by me , or a raven comes down and says something.

My pictures are gates, instruments.The real pictures ,the images are not the pictures on my canvases, but the images coming into being in the mind of the onlooker.

I often use oxidized metals to add colour and substance and to facilitate the layer underneath to shine through. I use gold, white, red, green gold, silver, brass, copper, aluminium, paladium, platinum. I also use interference colours when suitable. The colours change from red to green etc. when the observer moves relative to the picture. Interference colours suit the metals very well. Some of these effects are difficult to display in digital media.

I have spent a lot of time travelling and learning , being in other settings, in New York, Southwest, The Four Corners, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Berlin, Japan, China, and have sought out expressive , unspoiled Nature, particularly in North Norway.

To accomplish what I am trying to, I must create ”air” between the layers of my paintings, there must be space and breath between them.  I have worked many years to develop a technique allowing this, to try to create a weightlessnes as in the Haiku poem mentioned above, disturbing our set categories, opening the gates.